General Questions:

Only the best! Medium Format, DSLR’s, Mirrorless, Red, Sony F55, 360 rigs and specialised camera stabilisations systems are all used regularly. Every project is different so we spend the time in planning to make sure only the most suitable gear is selected to ensure optimal results.
Yes. Our Dronestar team is licenced to operate drones up to 25kg within Australia and worldwide. We are one of the most highly qualified UAV operators in Australia with $20Mil liability coverage. The drones we operate range from large Heavy lift Octocopters with triple redundancy systems right down to small and nimble cinema drones. We ensure only the best equipment is used for the job.
Helicopters, Drones, Blimps, Cranes and 72m Cherry pickers to name a few. We understand the benefits and limitations of all of the various platforms and can help you make an informed choice to suit your needs.
Prices vary depending on the equipment, airtime and post production requirements. We’re always happy to have a chat and provide you with a quote so get in touch today!
Yes all of our post production is managed in house. We use and maintain an array of colour corrected high gamut monitors and the latest in software and post production techniques to ensure the best possible results.
Yes. Work that has not been commissioned by clients is available for commercial license. License fees vary depending on the extent and duration of usage you require. Send us an email with details of your requirements and we’d be happy to provide a prompt quotation.
No. When you commission a project or purchase a full commercial license the imagery is provided to you without a watermark.
You receive a usage license covering the usage requirements of your project. We are extremely proud of the work we produce and Lensaloft retains copyright and IP over the material.